Valentine’s Day Party Ideas


Valentine’s Day is an occasion of Love, celebrating love with your loved ones is the true essence of this day. The day brings opportunities for some to express their love to the people they ideally like and would love to spend time with them. The day is all about rejoicing and living the moments affectionately. If you are preparing to throw a valentine’s day party at your home this year and strip of the pressure of finding a date for yourself or all the burden of planning an ultra-romantic night and just have fun. All you need is to call up your friends, order some junk foods, in addition to some funky drinks and off you go for the fun. To make things even more exciting, these are some great games ideas to get everyone involved at your party.

Guess Who Am I?

yvrhbvhThis one is the simplest game needing some utensils. A bunch of sticky notes and a marker completes your job fittingly. Write down romantic movie names on the sticky note and as soon as the person arrives at your party stick them on their back and ask them to guess the movie written on their back by asking simple questions from the fellows and some hints too, anyone who guess the movie correctly award them with a chocolate as a gift and let this game continue the party.

Love Meter

This is another fun filled game requiring some pen and some pages of paper. Manufacture a questionnaire for the couples present in your party; the questions can include about likings and disliking of their partner as well as the favorite part of their partner’s body etc. Now you’ll ask the couples to sit miles apart from each other and write their answers on the paper as soon as they are finished with it ask them to sit back to back, take their answer sheet and ask them the same questions and see how many they have in common. The couple with the highest ratio of correct (similar) answers will earn themselves a box of chocolate or some goody bag.

Who Is A Cupid?fhfbfh

This game requires some stickers only; any stickers will do the job effectively. As soon as your guests arrive at your place tell them that few words shouldn’t be used throughout the party and everyone is to point out the person if he/she uses any of them. The words can be according to the day like Valentine, Lover, Date, Love, and Heart, etc. Anyone who is found guilty of using the word will have a sticker on his/her shirt. At the end of the day, the person with the most stickers will be declared as the Cupid of the party.