What to look for when buying the best backpack for your next travel adventure

Backpacks have now become increasingly popular and have begun to replace regular suitcases due to their size and ease of transporting. But how do you know what to look for when buying the best backpack for your next travel adventure?

The following are features and attributes that cannot be ignored or missed. The quality of your trip just might depend on it.


3hhhTraveling, although incredibly exciting, has its stressful moments – finding your way around a new city or flying on a plane. Now imagine how much more stress and anxiety could be added to your day should your backpack suddenly break, leaving your belongings rolling around on the ground or now forcing you to carry it on one shoulder, hurting your back.

Prevent this from ever happening by purchasing a backpack that is build to last and has a lifetime guarantee set by the manufacturer. Read plenty of reviews by owners who have used their backpacks and take note of any problems they report.

You should not spend your trip worrying about the quality of your equipment, so do plenty of research ahead of time.


Travel backpacks thankfully come in all kind of dimensions to accommodate the needs and travel desires of voyageurs all around the world. Do you need it to fit under your seat or into an overhead carry-on compartment?

Will you be traveling long-term? Research what sizes airlines and train companies suggest for baggage sizes. This will help prevent you from being one that’s too big, resulting in check-in fees, or too small, leaving you with little room to carry enough essentials or gifts for friends back home.

Do not hesitate to visit travel stores and try on different ones to see which feel best.


Whether you’re hiking through the plains of Hungary or spending the weekend in Toronto, you’re bound to experience some kind of inclement weather. Your choice in backpack must be able of sealing your belongings from the elements – rain, snow, splashes – protecting your laptop, passport, and other important items.

Be sure to check for “waterproof” or “element-proof” on the label and product description to ensure that you’re purchasing the backpack that is in your best interest. This is the best way to make sure soggy socks and wet dollar bills don’t ruin your trip.


1wwwNo matter where you are in this world, protecting yourself and your important information (identity, cash, etc.) is so critical. Anti-theft zippers are connected using a tiny padlock or combination lock to prevent both accidental openings and access by thieves.

A wallet-size RSID pocket will be enough to cover your credit cards from being secretly scanned and stolen from ill-intentioned strangers. An essential part of every travel backpack is an additional safety strap that goes around your chest or waist; this helps keep your pack closely secured to you with little chance of it falling or being pulled off.

Whether you’re taking a weekend trip or are leaving to roam across a continent for months at a time, your choice in equipment is just as important as your destination.

Understand how important design is and what your specific needs  with the help of backpacking checklist so that you know exactly what to look for when buying the best backpack for your next travel adventure.