Top brands of dab torches

In order to have the best dabbing experience you need to own a good dabbing torch. A good dabbing torch should provide the best service that is satisfactory to the user. Below are some of the best torches available in the market today along with some information about their advantages and strengths:

LiBa Kitchen Butane Culinary Dab torchfyjjfgkjgkgk

This quality dab torch will definitely get your job done.it is fitted with an anti- flare feature and safety lock.it also comes with an ignition button and can burn for hours.it has an heavy duty body that is able to withstand the most severe abuse.

Inflame Butane Torch

In case you need a torch that is easy to operate you need to consider this one. It is fitted with a simple to operate flame control and a stainless steel nozzle.it usually emits a blue flame each time it is in use.it has a strong removable base that enables the user to light it hands-free.it is made of aluminum and contains a single-click trigger.

Double Flame Dab Torch

If your desire is to own a dab torch that gets the work completed on the very first try consider acquiring this flame shooter. This torch produces double the power when it is required quickly. Double the heat results in low burn time and fast results.it is made of professional grade premium materials.

Bocha High Quality Butane Torch

This is one of the best dab torches available in the market. It is suitable for those individuals who mishandle their devices regularly. It is created to accommodate abuse and mishandling. This torch is fitted with a non-slip grip plus it also contains a control knob used for flame adjusting. Its durability is unquestionable and it also has a lock used for gas control that controls flame size.

Metro Fulfillment Dab Torch

This dab torch comes with a fuel indicator hence making it easy to be aware when you have to make a fuel refill.it is powered with a standard butane cartridge. The base allows you to do hands-free dabs.it is an ideal torch for a starter who is trying out dabbing.

JB Chef Micro Butane Torch

tfyfukgkgkIf you are searching for a torch that is hassle-free then this is an appropriate torch for you.it is made from quality materials.it comes with a locking feature and a flame control regulator that enables you to choose the strength of the flame.it is very portable and travel-ready for those people who move around a lot.it produces a hot white laser flame perfect for dabbing.