Five things to ask a residential locksmith

Losing your house keys can be one of the most frustrating things. It could be there is one thing you need and it inside the locked house, or the weather is not good, and you just want to get inside your home, but you cannot get in because you have lost or misplaced your keys. Thankfully, with the services of a locksmith, all these problems can be handled within one of the shortest periods. If you are in the same situation and you want to get the best services, here are 5 FAQs to ask a residential locksmith.

What kind of services do you provide

Most people will try to call a locksmith and find themselves in an emergency situation like when they are locked out of a house. However, what they fail to know is that these experts also provide an array of other services like changing and rekeying locks. As if that is not even enough; you also need to find out the number of years they have been offering the same services. Experience and reputation is everything.

What kind of products do you use

222222222iuyThe industry has in the last few years grown so much; new locksmiths’ products like locks are being introduced. It is because of this that you need to know the kind of products and procedures the locksmith use before you have them fixing your residential locks. At the end, make sure the parts being used are up to standard and are of high quality.

Are you insured and licensed

Most states will require all the locksmiths operating in that area to be insured and licensed by the relevant authorities. So when hiring a residential locksmith found out if they are licensed and insured as required by law.

What is your warranty period

You need to ask this question as that will give you clear picture of what to expect. Any reputable residential locksmith will offer adequate warranty periods of 3o days going upward. If they are giving anything less than that; look elsewhere.

What are your rates and do you give out discounts

offer-706850_640While this may not necessarily indicate the quality of service you will get from the locksmith; it is important to have up front. Some will charge a piece work rate while other will charge you per hour. So before any work commences you may want to know this as that will give you an idea of how much they whole work will cost. Nevertheless, working with Chandler AZ Locksmith, a residential locksmith who is willing to give you some discounts, also, will make a lot of sense.