Easy Tips On Applying Your Red Lipstick

Red lipstick is versatile, elegant and very classic. Most people, however, have a hard time wearing red lipstick. With these easy tips on applying your red lipstick, you will have a very easy time rocking your red lipstick.

Consider The Time Of Day

The first thing you must do to apply your red lipstick perfectly is to consider the time of day you intend to wear the lipstick. If it is during the day, it is advisable to go for a lighter shade. If it during the night, go for a darker shade since this helps in making your features stand out.

Go Easy On The Eyesvrgvrgv

One mistake many people make when wearing red lipstick is having a lot of makeup on their eyes. Since red is a bold color, you need to go easy on the eyes by wearing a little makeup.

Choose A Light Shade If You Have Thin Lips

If you have thin lips and you are thinking of wearing red lipstick, it is advisable to go for the lighter shades of red. This is because darker red lipsticks tend to make thin lips looks thinner than they are.

Take Your Time

If you are the kind of individual who occasionally applies your lipstick in random places like in taxis, this is a big no when it comes to red lipstick. With red lipstick, you need to use a brush, or if you are applying it from the tube, you need to pay close attention to your strokes to apply just the right amount.

Avoid Red Lip Liners

vd dggThe other common mistake people make with red lipstick is lining their lips with a red lip liner. This should not be done because in most cases, you will end up having a sought of two-toned look because it ‘s hard to find a red lip liner in the exact color of your red lipstick. If you need line your lips, use a lip liner with a color that comes to close to the original color of your lips.

Avoid Getting It On Your Teeth

Most people avoid red lipstick because it easily gets on your teeth. A great tip to avoid this from happening is to purse your lips on Kleenex or one of your fingers. This will remove the excess red lipstick from your lips thereby preventing it from coloring your teeth. To keep it from spreading to the borders of your mouth, use some concealer around the borders of your lips.