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Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj and Shri Ranjit Maharaj


We are honored to be able to present Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj's introduction to Volume 1 of "Adhyatmadnyanacha Yogeshwar," which has been translated to "Master of Self-Realization."


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This selection is the "Introduction" to Volume 1 of the 2 volume book containing the teachings of Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj that was published by Nisargadatta Maharaj.



PREFACE - Written by Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj


These are discourses, the words being those of my Master. I cannot explain His words and therefore I keep quiet about that. When ego, the "me," becomes silent, Soham, automatically starts functioning. Soham is endless, limitless, measureless, and is the messenger of Truth, who is Self-evident. The mesSage and the messenger are not separate in Him. This messenger is himself the joy that is the enjoyment of the endless. The description of the enjoyment of the Self is called "discourse" in this world, which is really a commentary. The voice of the Master is also called the "Divine Word." His speech, the utterances are the word, sentences, and the sayings.


The sky is the space, and space is the vast expanse of speech that is the word. Word is the natural quality of the sky as is well known from the days of the Vedas. First there is vibration in the space that is sky (wind), then there is the sound, and then the words appear. The words then become the base of the subsistence of all creatures and things. The sky is the ocean of words of the measureless. That ocean sings in praise to the immeasurable. The purpose of singing in praise of anything is to shed all bad qualities. This Divine Speech is doing the work of discarding the duality, or sense of separateness from the essential unity of existence, through the medium of the mouth of the Master.


At the very moment and in the very place where all reverence towards the Master arises in our heart, the separateness disappears like an insignificant tiny insect. But alas, such things rarely happen! It is seldom that one among billions of people comes to the Realization that the Master is Truth itself, Parabrahman, the Ultimate Reality incarnate. When the teaching of the Master is dear to one, and totally acceptable, and when one understands that the feet of the Master are the source of the spontaneous experience of the Divine Self within, which directs and performs all the actions and functions of the body, when one holds fast to the feet of the Master within one's heart without a speck of doubt, then unfailingly the stream of the blessings and the bliss of the revered Master flow very naturally from within, which is the movement of the "Life All-Pervading." Where complete trust in the divine feet of the Master is active, there the Grace of the Bliss of the Master comes to reside in the nature of Spiritual Joy, called "Pralhad." Then the non-duality, without the blemish of the separateness of "You" and "I" in the Consciousness, flows unhindered. There is no satisfaction other than the Grace of the Master, which is total Self-Bliss, solid, and impenetrable.


At the time when the Master (Shri Siddharameshwar Maharaj) was giving his discourses, the writer of this preface was a fresh entrant of the path, and was but a novice. The only acquaintance was that he was introduced to Maharaj and had the opportunity to see Him. The work of listening to the discourses of Maharaj and taking them down in broken sentences was being done by the writer. He was not even knowing whether what he wrote down was correct or not, but the capacity to take down all that he heard was growing, and it can be said that almost all that was heard has been noted in His presence. There were other co-disciples who were learned, and had the opportunity of being in the company of Maharaj for many years. They were also taking down the teachings of Maharaj. There are many discourses of Maharaj written by them in their possession. Even then, the writer of this preface has not compared his notes with those of others, to verify their accuracy. The writings are as they were heard and written down.


It is now 25 years since Maharaj has left his physical body. During the last two or three years, the writings were read out and correctly re-written. It was intended to publish them but the efforts made for it were not so far successful. But today, on the 25th death anniversary of Shri Maharaj, this is becoming possible by the good grace of auspicious time. My senior co-disciples who are great and spiritually well experienced, will also publish the lectures of the Master, which are in their possession. I say from my conviction of Self-Knowledge, that such a Master and such teachings are very rare in this world. I say this out of my faith in the wisdom of our Teacher and my own Self-confidence. These words are expression of my faith. As is one's achievement, so is his experience, so is his contentment and his peace, and so is his satisfaction. All this is the result of one's loyalty. Since my acquaintance with my senior co-disciples, I have always been humble before them and I pray to my Master that I will continue to be so humble before them in the future also.


The reason why I have total reverence for my senior co-disciples is that they somehow managed to keep our Master in Bombay for a long time by offering Him the sweet dish of their Devotion and I could have the opportunity to meet the Master who is the "Ocean of Knowledge." They not only had the benefit of seeing Him and serving Him with Devotion, but having been liberated through Self-Knowledge, they themselves became the saviors for others. The Cosmos that is the Universal Spirit, and Form, abides in Him. It takes refuge in Him, and the senior co-disciples were able to have intimate relationship with Him, and thereby they were saved and became liberators for others. That was and is the imperishable power of the glimpse (Darshan) of the Master and His teachings. Even those who are simple souls without much learning, are purified by having seen only once the great Master who is the "Ocean of Light and Merit," the "Embodiment of Knowledge," the "Knower of Science" and "Ocean of Wisdom." The sayings and discourses of such a Great Master form the contents of this book. Those who will read them again and again, learn by heart, and deeply think upon the truthful meaning of these Teachings, will become the meaning incarnate, and themselves become full of the meaning of the Self.


I am putting these words before you as a preface to this book. Every sentence in this book has the potency of giving you the fruit of Self-Realization. One who will read regularly and ponder over these discourses, will himself become the channel for the expression of the inherent spirit of these words. The heavenly records contain the imprints of all the Saints, and the bevy of Godmen, their projected schemes, their utterings, their meanings, and the very Life within. The "Realized Ones" speak truly from the fountain of their own experience and there is great conviction in their speech. Their speech has the capacity to discard the ignorance of the ego, and every line in this book will eradicate the reader's ignorance about his True Self and bring forth the True Nature of his Being.



Saturday, 4th November, 1961.

Nisargadatta Ashram, Vanamali Bhuvan,

Khetwadi, 10th Lane, Mumbai


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